A soulful rock and roll band from the Twin Cities with grooves from both sides of the Mississippi River

Since 2017, Stone Arch Rivals has been playing our own unique blend of Rock and Soul right here in the Twin Cities. Stone Arch Rivals is all about soulful grooves grounded in authentic, rootsy, songwriting. Earnest and fun, we’re out to have a good time and share our sound with the world.

We started, just three of us, having fun playing music in a basement.  And as we grew from three to five we were all drawn in because this band is a creative and joyful place for us. Yes, being in this band also means something different to each of us, but we do have one special thing in common: for each of us it is a return to music in one way or another.

Claire, Lead Singer

Claire was that kid who was always singing. On the playground, on stage at talent shows, in the kitchen with family. In school she sang in a gospel choir, learned some trumpet and piano, and performed with an a cappella group at Boston University where she learned to make music through a group with tight harmonies and really subtle, unexpected progressions. She also studied with Fati Maricot, a premier Nigerien singer. She believes that when you bring words and melody together, you share so much of the human experience.

Morgan, Lead Guitar

Morgan started playing guitar in high school and had a couple bands in college that came and went. After college, he gigged regularly as a singer-songwriter. He has recorded two studio albums, one with Casey Smith in Minneapolis, MN and another at Basecamp Recording with Chris Cunningham of nationally-acclaimed folk duo Storyhill. He believes that music brings him to a place that nothing else can. It is his outlet, his flow, and his meditation.

David, Guitar

David plays guitar in Stone Arch Rivals, but grew up playing drums and has dabbled in the bass a bit. A mostly self-taught guitarist, he set aside playing music around twenty years ago, but never stopped being an artist. From theater to writing novels and poetry, David has always felt art was central to his life.  Now, returning to music, he’s rediscovered the joy of creating art with others.

Jenna, Bass

Jenna played classical violin growing up, but set it aside in her 20s to focus on other things. Then, coming to her senses in her 40s, she realized she needs music in her life. The bass guitar called to her and she answered. For Jenna, music is communal and creative; it feeds her heart and lifts her soul. Performing live and meeting audiences just adds to that sense of community.

Chris, Drums

Chris’s first drum set was a fisher-price toy set. Playing in bands all throughout school, he eventually landed in Latona’s Thirst, an acoustic folk pop group that recorded two albums and toured the five state area. He was also in a west african and haitian drum group led by Marc Anderson and took lessons from Ryan Lacey (Gaelic Storm). He surrounds himself with music every day, whether listening or playing. Rhythm exudes everything he does not just when he plays music with others.

All band photos by Matt Schillerberg.